Edebiyat, Tiyatro ve Kültür  İncelemeleri Dergisi
ETKI: Journal of Literature, Theatre and Culture Studies examines how literary, theatrical and cultural practices relate to everyday life, history, structures of power, affect, ideology, economy, politics, knowledge, technology, and the environment. As such, the journal covers literature, theatre and drama studies and cultural studies. The journal continues to support the field on a global scale by sharing historical, contemporary, diverse perspectives on popular artifacts and practices. ETKI publishes articles, reviews, critiques, artwork, and other forms of literary, theatrical, cultural and intellectual production from across the humanities and social sciences. ETKI welcomes empirically-rich, academically-engaged research that critically engages literature, theatre and culture studies. ETKI publishes in Turkish and English. It is published twice a year in June and December. All research in ETKI: Journal of Literature, Theatre and Culture Studies is validated with our double-blind peer review process.
CALL for PAPERS ETKI Journal invites submissions for the fifth issue of the journal, a general issue on literature, theatre and culture studies. Please send a digital copy of the complete manuscript to ETKI Journal at etkijournal@gmail.com by April 15th, 2024.
ISSN: 2822-3950